A Little Help For The Ostriches


head in sand2It is entirely predictable that, immediately after an act of Islamic terrorism, certain politicians and leftist pundits will rush to stick their head in the sand.  With your head in the sand, reality is blocked from view.  “If I see no evil, there is no evil.”

There is no safety in this approach.

French President, Francois Hollande, with sand in his eyes, told the public “these terrorist attacks have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”  Nothing at all.  Completely unrelated.  He warned the French public that they should not be “confused.”

After the Jihadists slaughtered those who had satirized Muhammad, shouting ”Allahu Akbar”, our President said,  “We’re still trying to figure out who is responsible for this attack and what their motivations are.”  It’s just so confusing.  What could their motivation be?

Despite the confusion, there is one thing Obama does know for sure.  These acts of jihadist violence we see around the world “have nothing to do with Islam” and we should guard against making that kind of a foolish judgment.   “Islam is a religion that preaches peace,” he said.

Here is a video of Howard Dean, former head of the Democratic National Committee, speaking with his head in the sand.  Dean explains that the French jihadists were not Muslims and they don’t understand the Koran as well as he does.

There need not be confusion about what the Koran says.  The text is readily available.  There is a vast amount of commentary, on the web and elsewhere, about the verses in the Koran that directly justify violence and require the forced submission of non-believers, everywhere in the world.  It is not difficult at all to extract a brutal, supremacist, totalitarian ideology from the Koran.

Those who wish to see the Koran with clear eyes and understand the religious motivation of Islamic terrorists, will appreciate the following video by David Wood.  It would be good for the world if Obama, Hollande and Dean would take a look.

Pat Condell explains how all of these Koran-inspired atrocities around the world have  ”Nothing to do with Islam” :

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