About Us





We’re an old guy and a young guy; uncle and nephew; both lovers of Liberty.

The Old Guy – Bryce Buchanan, a retired dentist living in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Bryce is married, has 4 daughters… and some of the cutest grandkids around.  Bryce retired early to write a book (yet unfinished) about Enlightenment ideals. Political philosophy has been a lifelong passion, along with windsurfing, skiing, and photography.

The Young Guy – Jess Jones, a dual degree graduate from Columbia ( MD & MBA ) , currently living in New York.  Single.  Jess worked on Wall Street and served on the Board of Directors of two medical-device related companies. Jess likes kitesurfing, skiing, snowboarding, and world travel. He has an identical twin brother – Jackson.

We both believe that reason and freedom are worth fighting for.  Ideas have consequences.  We believe that America’s liberty and prosperity are in great peril from decades of implementation of bad political ideas. There are no free lunches. Socialist utopian delusions are a dead end road.

This blog is our effort to support Enlightenment ideals, which were once called Classical Liberalism.  That was before the lofty ’L’ word morphed into it’s opposite, like a magnificent butterfly turning back into a worm.