“Let’s Compromise” – What They Really Mean When They Say It

We constantly hear that conservatives need to compromise. We just can’t “move forward” unless conservatives compromise. There will not be “progress”, we are told, unless conservatives “reach across the aisle” and work with the liberals.

As an observer of political discourse for many decades, I do have a clear picture of what the calls for compromise really mean. I have compiled a handy list of the terms commonly used in this political debate and I think it will help you understand the liberal argument if you understand the true meaning of their words.

First, take a look at these three charts to get a picture of how the federal government has changed in the last 50 years. [It is a similar story for State governments.]  The charts tell the real story about compromise.

fed debt




For at least 50 years, when a liberal says “Let’s compromise”, he means, “Let’s move left…. let’s move in the direction of larger government. “

When a progressive says, “We are not going to get anywhere until you are ready to reach across the aisle”, he means, “We are not going to get anywhere until you are ready to completely move across the aisle and join me in the quest for a larger government.”

When mainstream media reporters say, “The conservatives are unwilling to compromise and this extremist position is slowing the progress of important legislation”, they mean, “Some bad people believe that we need to slow the growth of government and we are going to pound them until they accept the progressive position.”

When a RINO says, “There are some wacko-bird, Tea Party types who just don’t understand how things get done around here”, they mean “We are quite comfortable with a huge and growing government. We like our power and don’t want these limited-government types to mess it up. Our role as Republicans is to occasionally pretend we don’t like big government, but we can’t stand these radicals who say that and actually mean it. ”

When the Democrats say that all they want is “a balanced approach” in budget negotiations, they always want the ‘balance’ to be larger government and more spending first, with the promise of reduced spending and taxes way off in the future. The reduced spending never comes. Republicans seem to have an unlimited supply of gullibility in buying into this recurring scam. It could also be that they understand the game, but don’t really have strong objections.

If some principled conservative legislator says he is not buying into that scam, Senator Schumer will say, “You cannot negotiate when they take hostages and when they extort, period.” Senator Durbin will say it is “political terrorism” to demand a reversal in the growth of government. The media will agree. The Republican leadership will agree. The government will continue its un-sustainable growth.

President Obama says that because of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh “there is a Republican base of voters for whom compromise with me is a betrayal.” He says those nefarious forces have resulted in, “the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base”. Obama makes no allowance for the possibility that some Americans heard his message clearly and disagree with it. He has perfected self-righteousness, which has always been a strong suit for liberals in general.

Obama’s position is: My policies are correct, and if it wasn’t for people disagreeing with me, then we would all agree. And then we could move forward smoothly to “the complete transformation” of this country.

When Obama says, “The one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don’t have healthcare”, he may actually believe that absurd statement. He may be incapable of seeing that many people oppose government controlled healthcare because they know it will harm the quality of healthcare. They oppose it because they know government never runs things efficiently or inexpensively. Even with those facts clearly on display in Obamacare, with more Americans losing insurance than gaining it, with the economic assumptions of the law shown to be absurd, with chaos and incompetence everywhere, leftists will never acknowledge that their critics were right.

The history of the last 50 years is the history of relentless growth of government. The ‘compromises’ have been in one direction. This is not ‘give and take’. This is just take. Take more power and take more money for the ruling elites. Democrat politicians and apparently most Republican politicians like it that way.  To many Republicans, compromise simply means capitulate.

There is some solace in the fact that a recent Gallup poll reported that 72% of Americans say “big government” is the greatest threat to our country’s future. In another poll, 3% of Americans think immigration reform is a top priority. Global warming consistently ranks at the bottom of the list of concerns. Americans are much smarter than their leaders.

In the State of the Union speech and beyond we will be urged to “compromise”, to increase the size of government, to change the world’s climate with legislation, to open our borders. We need to “work together” and “be reasonable” to make sure that the red lines in the charts above continue to skyrocket upward in an absolutely unsustainable trajectory.

No. This leftward compromise must end. To survive, we need 50 years of “compromise” in the other direction.

The Confident Liar

obamacare web

The fact that President Obama is a confident, skillful liar is not a surprise to any objective observer.  His personal history is fiction in many key respects.  He lied about his membership in the socialist New Party in Chicago, he lied about the extent of his relationship with Bill Ayers.  He lied about an open and transparent administration.  He lied about letting the public review legislation for 5 days before any vote was taken.  He lied about cutting the deficit.  He lies about being a non-partisan President who is always open to consider proposals from his opposition.  When he is caught in lies about the growing list of administration scandals, he lies more.

When he lies, he usually assumes his pose of moral superiority.  He begins many lies with the phrase “Let me be clear”.  You can see video samples of 21 lies here:

Obama’s lies about the Unaffordable Health Care Act were so blatant and were repeated so many times that even the mainstream media is noticing and publicizing the bait-and-switch pitch.  The lackeys at NBC are reporting that  Obama knew his sales pitch was a lie.  Obama repeatedly said things like:

  • “You can keep your doctor and keep your plan.  The only thing we are going to do is lower costs.”
  • “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”
  • “No matter what you’ve heard, if you like your doctor or your health care plan, you can keep it.”
  • “This will not increase the deficit by one dime.”

Some key employees, like Kathleen Sebelius, are also comfortable lying.  In this recent whopper, she repeated the Obama phrase, “regardless of what you’ve heard”, which is meant to denigrate the people telling the truth.

SEBELIUS: “In every state in the country, regardless of what you hear. In every state in the country, there will be a new health marketplace open for business on October 1. There will be online availability that now is up and running.

After the rollout disaster, Sebelius explained the cause of the 700 million dollar website failure:  The problem was that,  ”the majority party at least in the House was determined to stop this any way they possibly could”.           This is truly sick and pathetic.

Obamacare was designed to fail.  The insurance company and union fools who supported the plan will suffer greatly under it.  Many millions will lose insurance coverage that they liked.  Younger people who were supposed to sign up for much more expensive coverage won’t do so.  Revenue will be much less than expected and costs will be much higher than expected.  The plan, as written, will fail.

Then we will be told that the only solution is government control of all health care.

In 2003, Obama said, ”I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer healthcare system for America, but as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.”  In 2007, he said,  ”But I don’t think we will be able to eliminate employer-based coverage immediately. There is potentially going to be some transition time.”

Illinois Representative, Jan Schakowsky, explained to a group of supporters that private insurance would be destroyed by Obamacare.   She said that the public option would, “put the private insurance companies out of business and lead to single-payer.”  Her audience cheered.

In 2008, Yale Professor Jacob S. Hacker openly explained the deceitful strategy.  He said, ”Someone once said to me this is a Trojan Horse for single payer. It’s not a Trojan Horse, right? It’s right there! I am telling you. We are going to get there. Over time. Slowly. But we are going to move away from reliance on employer-based health insurance, as we should, but we will do it in a way that we are not going to frighten people into thinking they are going to lose their private insurance.”

Harry Reid has already explained that the country has to “work our way past” insurance-based health care.  On a Las Vegas PBS’ program, Reid explained, “What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever.”

When then asked  whether he meant ultimately the country would have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it, Reid said: “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”  

This law was passed without anyone even knowing what was in it.  It was a step toward government control, and that is all that mattered to them.  It was passed against the will of the American people.  Mr. Reid “deemed” it to be law without even a vote on the actual bill.  They argued forcefully that it wasn’t a tax and then they argued in court that it was. The entire Obamacare endeavor has been a deceitful scam played on the public for the purpose of extending government power. It will severely damage the greatest health care system on earth, but, to them, that doesn’t really matter.


Hitler finds out about Obamacare Exchange problems -


The Battered Public Syndrome

Alfred E Bama

The battered wife syndrome is a well-known psychological malady in which an abused partner stays with her abuser, thinking things would be worse without him.  They think the separation would be more painful than the beatings and can’t really imagine life without their man.

For some victims, there finally comes a time when they have had enough and they face the reality that this man is not good for them.  He lies to them.  He hurts them.  Eventually, even his sweet talk falls on deaf ears.

Watching the news this week, I have seen clips of our President lying smoothly, comfortably, and repeatedly in his bait-and-switch sales pitch for the comically named Affordable Health Care Act.  “You like your doctor; you can keep your doctor.”  “You like your plan; you can keep your plan, period.” “You will have much better insurance for less money”.  “Your insurance costs will go down by an average of $2,500.“ “This plan will not increase our deficit by one dime.”

All lies.

The public is being battered on health care and that is becoming increasingly obvious.

Bill O’Reilly played clips of the President responding to various administration scandals.  After the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, after the Benghazi disaster, after the IRS was used as an instrument of political intimidation, after the Obamacare rollout debacle, the President assured us that he would “get to the bottom of this” and “hold people accountable”.  He comfortably played the role that was required at the time.

Then he endlessly stonewalled, held no high level officials accountable, and eventually said it was time to move past these “phony scandals”.  Scandals that he acted very concerned about had morphed into completely unimportant distractions.

His concern was an act, a lie.  He does not need an investigation to know what he did on the night of September 11, 2012.  He knows what orders he made and what orders he withheld.  He knows what he discussed with Hillary Clinton in their 10 PM conversation.  He knows why she used the video alibi immediately after the call.  Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were still fighting for their lives at the time of the alibi discussion.  And he knows perfectly well that the IRS targeting of conservative was a partisan operation. He knows White House officials were involved in the operation and the cover-up.

There comes a point where abused people just get tired of the obvious lies.  That may even be true of the mainstream media, a group deeply in love with Obama.  They easily forgive him for any abuse of conservatives.  In fact, they help him with that abuse.  But some were unhappy when it was discovered that reporter’s phone lines were being bugged by the administration.  And more recently, a NY Times reported admitted that this administration is “the most closed, control-freak administration I have ever covered.”  The abuser promised that it would be “the most open and transparent administration” ever. Some in the media are reporting honestly about the Obamacare rollout debacle.

Another group that has been fully in love with Obama is the black community.  But blacks have been disproportionately harmed by Obama’s policies.  PBS host and Obama supporter, Tavis Smiley, recently admitted the truth, saying , “The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. At some point, this group may realize that this man is not good for them.  At some point, reality may overpower the imagined significance of half-blackness.

King disappointed

I am seeing signs that a battered public is tired of the lies and tired of the economic destruction.  It is becoming clear that their man is a con-man, unworthy of their trust.  This is a very tough transition for people who thought they were in love and had high hopes for the relationship.   If a significant number of those who thought they loved him become immune to the lies, then there is hope for the future.

 —  First published at American Thinker




Letters From Ben and Barry

These recently leaked letters from Ben and Barry shed some light on our President’s secret strategy -


Ben Bernanke  -  Federal Reserve Chairman


President Barack Obama                                                                     August 6, 2013 The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                                     —  Confidential —-

Dear Mr. President,

I am ever more worried about the path we are taking in dealing with the nation’s debt and our money supply.  As we have discussed on several occasions, creating money in massive quantities, which we are doing every month, is like giving drugs to a drug addict.  We produced the drug-induced euphoria in the markets that you wanted and government expansion is being financed with the borrowed money, but a day of reckoning is coming.

The world has never seen debt at the levels we are creating it.  Nothing even comes close.  Every thinking person knows that our present course is not sustainable.  Honestly, Mr. President, if you just do the math you will see that our current unfunded liabilities cannot be paid.  You simply cannot tax our grand-children at the rate that will be required and still have a productive economy.  We are putting such a load of obligations in this wagon that future generations will not be able to pull it.

The further we go down this road, the more painful the correction is going to be.  You see what happens when I even suggest that I may slow down on my “quantitative easing”.  The markets panic.  So I can’t do that without a very serious contraction.  You and I will be blamed.

But I can’t keep printing billions of dollars endlessly without destroying the value of the dollar.  I am already having trouble finding buyers for our bonds.  And the interest rate on the debt is sure to rise as the bonds become less desirable.    That will wreak havoc on our budget as debt service takes an ever increasing share of tax revenue.  We are going to get blamed for that.

I know our goal has been to push this trouble down the road, and I am still manufacturing fake prosperity as fast as I can, but I just don’t know if I can push the coming economic chaos off into the next President’s term.  For that reason I am submitting my resignation and would like to be replaced soon.

I have the luxury of jumping ship, but you must remain.


Ben Bernanke



President Barack Obama


The Honorable Ben Bernanke                                                                 August 14, 2013
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20551                                                    — Confidential —

Dear Ben,

I am sorry to see you go and I appreciate your concern for me, but you worry too much.  We have a plan to manage the problems you describe.  You need to understand that the economic problems ahead are not the issue.  The issue is who gets blamed for them.

Don’t you see, Ben, if you control The Narrative it doesn’t matter what happens.  The Narrative is shaped by the mainstream media, popular culture and the education establishment.  They are all cheerleaders for big government.  They are firmly on my side.

Look at Obamacare.  I sold this program with bold lies.  I firmly promised people that they could keep their current plans and their current doctors.   I assured them it would all be much less expensive.  I said it would lower the deficit and help businesses.  I told them it would improve the quality of medicine.

In reality, every claim I made was the opposite of the truth.  The law is so horrendous that many of my supporters have demanded exemptions.  But look, Ben, The Narrative has not changed.  Those who shape public opinion still sell the dream and ignore the reality.  Those who oppose Obamacare are demonized.  Don’t you see the power in that?  The facts don’t matter.

The current Obamacare legislation is just Step 1, anyway.  It was designed to fail.  When it fails, the extremely messy failure will be blamed on greedy insurance companies and greedy doctors.   From this crisis we will create a clamor for Step 2 – the complete government control of health care.  I win.

So chaos is my friend.  You need to read Saul Alinsky or the Cloward-Piven plan to understand how this works.  The economic turmoil you fear does not frighten me.   Managed properly it is the perfect tool for the fundamental transformation of this country.

I will show you another example this fall when we approach the debt ceiling negotiations.  I will accomplish 3 things with relative ease:

  1. I will humiliate the Republicans in the budget showdown.  They may have a winning hand if you look at the facts about debt and spending, but the facts will not be discussed.  The story will be that extremist, jihadist Republicans want to shut down the government and hurt people.  The media will herd these Republicans around like sheep.  It’s just fun to watch.
  2. I will single out the Tea Party for special humiliation.  Their power in 2010 was a serious threat to my plans, so we have had a multi-agency attack on them since that time.  They simply must be marginalized.  Those of us in power in Washington understand the threat they represent.
  3. The coming shut-down fight must last long enough to be painful.  You and I know the economy is not doing well and blaming Bush is a weaker argument with each passing year.  If I can force something that is damaging, and blame the Tea Party, I will be in a perfect position for the critical 2014 elections.  I’ll say, “The economy would be great now if those Tea Party extremists had not wrecked everything for you.”  It’s easy if you control the Narrative.  And I do.

That’s the plan, Ben, and it should work fine.  I am sorry that you don’t have the stomach for it.  I will find a replacement for you who is comfortable borrowing more money from our grandchildren.  That level of heartlessness is required.

Thanks for all you’ve done,

President Barack Obama


Trayvon In Black And White

Trayvon 4

The Trayvon – Zimmerman case is interesting for reasons that go far beyond the case itself.  I paid close attention this week as the prosecutors of this second-degree murder case presented their evidence.  In varying degrees, each prosecution witness was transformed into a defense witness on cross-examination. Some were devastating to the prosecution even on direct examination.  Zimmerman’s story was reinforced, not weakened.

This is a political prosecution, a show trial.  The case is in the courts because the professional race-baiters, the leftist politicians and the leftist media want it there. Each of these entities profits in different ways from this unjust prosecution.  Each of these entities benefits from stirring up racial animosity.

After this case is over, and Zimmerman is acquitted, the violence and hatred that follows should be blamed on those who turned this case into yet another way to make sure that racial wounds never, ever heal.

Here is a sample of the hatred that is being created by the lies surrounding this case.  These are just of few of many comments from the haters:

kill cracker

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not GuiltyTrayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty


Matthew Owens

When the Trayvon story was originally crafted, the race hustlers sold the false narrative that a little black child was hunted down and shot just because he was black.  In their election year agitation, they whipped up some destructive mobs and created significant racial violence.   For example, a group of young blacks in Mobile, Alabama severely beat a white man, Matthew Owens.  He was beaten with bricks, brass knuckles, , chairs and pipes.   One attacker said, “Now, that’s justice for Trayvon.”

As I have watched the news coverage of the first week of the trial, it is clear that some news outlets are intent on continuing with the fabricated story, regardless of the evidence presented at trial.  Their reporting often bears shockingly little resemblance to the actual testimony.  This misreporting will increase the outrage among blacks when Zimmerman is acquitted, and will very likely result in more violence and destruction.  Will the mob-creators be proud of their accomplishment?

The effort to create and sustain racial animosity is a despicable enterprise. Those who orchestrate the anger, posing as advocates for black people, are doing great harm to both blacks and whites and to the cause of racial harmony. Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society will never occur as long as we give a respectful ear to the professional race-baiters.  They are disgraceful and should be treated as such.

In the trial testimony this week, there was evidence of racism in the encounter between Zimmerman and Martin, but it was not the racism the prosecution was hoping for.   Rachel Jeantel was on the phone with Martin when Martin noticed a man in a car following him and watching him.  Martin told Jeantel that the man (Zimmerman) was ” a creepy ass cracker”.

We do have evidence (not part of court testimony yet) about Zimmerman’s attitude toward blacks.  In Zimmerman’s home town, the son of a policeman sucker-punched a homeless black man for the fun of it and the 2010 incident was caught on video.  The police department ignored the assault, as though the black man did not matter, and that offended Zimmerman’s sense of justice.

Zimmerman passed out flyers calling for an arrest and calling for the Sanford police chief to be fired.  There was an arrest and Chief Tooley was fired.  This kind of civic concern for others is what would prompt a man to join the crime-watch team in his neighborhood.

As a side note, Trayvon also had a noteworthy incident involving a homeless man.  Trayvon and his friends came upon a homeless man being beaten up by a man who wanted to steal his bicycle.  Trayvon filmed the fight with his cell phone.  The audio track is Trayvon and his friends laughing as they watch.

Clarice Feldman wrote an excellent column at American Thinker about the Trayvon – Zimmerman case.  She starts out like this:

The  Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case has come to trial this week and the best  thing that’s been said about it is from Thomas Maguire: “I’m proud to say I live  in a country where the show trials look  more like an SNL [Saturday Night Live] skit.

You will enjoy reading the whole thing here.  And there is an excellent summary by Mike McDaniel here. It is entitled, “Week 1: The Narrative Spontaneously Combusts”.


race 2

fill my headThe “instructions” can be good or bad; constructive or destructive. 

We must push aside the destructive voices.

Trayvon, And Why The World Is Not What It Seems

You remember when that racist white guy gunned down that cute little 12-year-old black boy in Florida last year… shooting him for no reason at all?  He just hunted the little boy down “like a rabid dog” and shot him in cold blood.

That’s the story that the race-baiters and most of the media told us about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  All the usual mob creators worked at creating angry mobs. Racial animosity was generated across the country and many rallies ended in the exhortation to register and vote.  This is what the despicable professional race-baiters do for a living.  This socially destructive orchestrated drama is part of every pre-election season.

Those of us who followed the story closely know that the initially reported story bears almost no relationship to the truth.  That this incident was a terrible tragedy is the truth, but the nature of the assailant and victim is quite different from what we were told.

ZimmermanWhat we know about George Zimmerman, the “white Hispanic” shooter includes the following:

  • The man is not a racist.  He tutored minority children for free.  He went to bat for a black man who he thought was treated unfairly by the police.  A black friend who has know him for years spoke highly of his character.
  •  Zimmerman’s neighborhood had been hit by many home invasion robberies.  He had recently comforted a frightened neighbor after the woman was terrorized by a home burglary.  He was concerned about the safety of his own family and was part of a neighborhood effort to be watchful.  The sign at the entrance of his neighborhood said, “We report all suspicious persons & activities to the Sanford Police Department”.
  • Zimmerman did exactly as the sign said when he called the Sanford Police.  He wanted the police to handle it.  He did not try to run Trayvon down, nor could he have.  Trayvon, at 5’11′ and 160 pounds, was much more fit than Zimmerman.
  • An eyewitness to the fight that led to the shooting was interviewed 90 minutes afterward.   The witness said that he saw Martin straddling Zimmerman and violently battering him “MMA” style. The witness also said Zimmerman was the one screaming for help. A second witness also described a person on the ground with another straddling him and pounding his face.
  • When the police arrived, Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head.  Trayvon had abrasions on his knuckles and a bullet wound.

Trayvon flipThe real Trayvon that emerges from his own social media sites and from disciplinary records is not quite as palatable as the imaginary version sold to us by the media.  The photo of Trayvon here is the photo he chose to represent himself in social media where he called himself ”No_Limit_Nigga”.

No_Limit_Nigga tweeted about his drugs, his “bitches”, his fondness for Mixed Martial Arts, etc., in barely literate conversations.  One of his friends, or marijuana customers, tweeted, “damn were you at   nigga needa plant”.  A cousin heard that Trayvon had punched a bus driver and tweeted,  ”Yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver”.

Trayvon had been suspended from school three times for offenses such as drug use and vandalism. The details of the third suspension are what I want to concentrate on here because they reinforce my point that the world is presented to you in a false way for political reasons.

Trayvon’s third suspension was the result of a school security officer finding Trayvon spraying “WTF” on the schools wall.  The officer inspected Trayvons backpack and found evidence of marijuana, a bag of women’s jewelry and a screwdriver, which the officer called a “burglary tool” in his report of the incident.  There were at least 12 pieces of women’s jewelry and a man’s watch in the bag.

When this incident was reported in the news after Trayvon’s death, Martins parents and their attorney indicated that the jewelry story was false and was simply a smear to make Trayvon look like a burglar, the very thing Zimmerman had feared that he was.  Attorney Benjamin Crump said of the burglary insinuation, “ If it were true, why wouldn’t they call the parents? Why wasn’t he arrested?”

Those questions were answered recently by the bloggers at The Last Refuge.  These citizen journalists uncovered an amazing plot to misrepresent facts about crime in the Miami-Dade School District.  The plot to hide information from the public involved the School Superintendent and the Police Chief, who has since lost his job.

Because there was a plot to hide criminal behavior, there was no attempt in cases like Trayvon’s to solve the crime and return the stolen property to it’s owner.  In Trayvon’s case, the stolen merchandise, which is in a police storage room, will likely be returned.  The bloggers tracked down a burglary reported near Trayvon’s school where the stolen jewelry matches the description of the jewelry in Trayvon’s pack.  Police have been notified of the apparent match.

Whether the issue is crime statistics, unemployment statistics, the cost of Obamacare, the “hockey stick” proof of global warming, the cause of the attack in Benghazi, the relationship of Islam to worldwide terror attacks, the seriousness of our President in controlling government spending, the relationship between gun laws and crime, etc., the news is filtered, shaped and delivered with a political agenda.  Reality is somewhere under and behind the official story.

A Lovely, Lovely Kid

lovely boy 2“He was compassionate. He was caring. He was a lovely, lovely kid”.  That’s how neighbor Larry Aaronson described Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger of the two Jihadist psychopaths who carefully packed bombs with nails and ball-bearings to inflict maximum physical damage on men, women and children they did not know.  There were more bombs back home, presumably prepared to slaughter other strangers.  Lovely, lovely boys.

The uncle of these terrorist brothers, Ruslan Tsarni,  had a close relationship with the boys for many years, but it fell apart in recent years, partly because the older brother, “started carrying all this nonsense associated with religion, with Islamic religion.”

When the uncle asked the older brother why he had dropped out of school, Tamerlan said, “Oh, I’m in God’s business”.  That would be the Jihad business, the killing non-believers business.  His YouTube account has a “terrorists” video section and links to his Islamist mentors.  It will be interesting to see who paid him for his religious work.  Dzhokhar also expressed his higher calling in two tweets last month.  “Never underestimate the rebel with a cause”, and “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

Last week, these lovely good men did something…   something, in their view, to please God.

Dzhokhar was so comfortable with his actions that on the night of the massacre, he tweeted ” LOL, those people are cooked” and “I’m a stress free kind of guy”.   The psychopath attended a party the next night.

As observers, we witnessed the standard rush of the media to name conservatives as the likely perpetrators.  It was Patriots Day, Axelrod said, and you know the kind of people those patriots are.  In a racist rant, Salon openly wished the bomber was a white man.  CNN’s  Christiane Amanpour said she “hoped beyond hope that this doesn’t turn out to be what it might be?”

She had that hope because it is becoming increasingly difficult for the media to sell the delusion that radical Islam is not at war with the West.

Our President rushes to judgement in every case where he thinks that will help him politically. With Gates in Boston, Gifford in Arizona, Trayvon in Florida and Benghazi in Libya, false accusations were quickly made, and in the case of Benghazi, maintained against all evidence.  Yet, on the night Dzhokhar was captured, Obama was there to counsel us against  “jumping to conclusions” and to suggest that we honor “diversity”.   He said we must, ”take care not to rush to judgment — not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people.”  Certainly not.

He has the same problem as Amanpour.  Sane people will make rational judgements about this case and others like it.

Sure, we will have to endure weeks of media stories about how America let these poor boys down, how we could have done more, how it is our fault.  We will be told that we just don’t know what motivated them.  It’s such a mystery.

I don’t think it is a mystery to most Americans.  Despite all the ostrich-like foolishness by political and media ‘leaders’, most of us know that war has been declared against us and we do not take kindly to “Death To America” preachers.  Fundamentalist Islam is no less a threat to us than any other totalitarian ideology.  They want us to submit to the coming worldwide caliphate, or die.  I don’t like either option.  Tolerance in the face of this open threat is suicide.

Few  people understand this more clearly than Andrew McCarthy.  His column, “Jihad Will Not Be Wished Away”, is worth reading in its entirety.  Some excerpts:

It was in fact the jihad that stubbornly refuses to be wished away. It will have to be defeated. It was never a molehill we were exaggerating into Mohammed’s mountain. After 1,400 years of aggression, we can safely say it is not anytime soon going to evolve into the ballyhooed “internal struggle for personal betterment” — not for the tens of millions of Muslims for whom Islamic supremacism is, quite simply, Islam.

…We are in a war driven by ideology. “Violent extremism,” which is the label the government and the commentariat prefer to put on our enemies, is not an ideology — it is the brutality that radical ideologies yield. Our enemies’ ideology is Islamic supremacism. To challenge and defeat an ideological movement, you have to understand and confront their vision of the world. Imposing your own assumptions and biases will not do. Islamic supremacists do not see a world of Westphalian nation-states. They do not distinguish between Russia and America the way they distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims. Their ideology frames matters as Dar al-Islam versus Dar al-Harb: the realm of Islam in a fight to the death against the realm of war — which is everyone and everyplace else.

The fact that you think this is nuts, or that I’m nuts for saying it out loud, has nothing to do with whether they believe it. They do — and they don’t care, even a little, what you think.

You do not defeat an ideology by hoping it will change or disappear.”

Many lovely, lovely boys are being trained by leaders of a supremist religion to hate and kill those who oppose their plan for worldwide domination.  There is no value in pretending otherwise.

islam will dominate

islam eye test

Skip SOTU and Watch This

Rather than watch the State of the Union pack of lies tonight, you could listen to an honest man address some of our country’s big problems here:

Dr. Carson has been widely criticized for challenging Dear Leader.  Laura Ingraham made this observation about the criticism of Dr. Carson, “We can have celebrities talk about fracking and all sorts of political  issues…but the head of pediatric neurosurgery at one of the top hospitals in  the world” shouldn’t discuss healthcare.”

The Wall Street Journal Online adds to the healthcare discussion with this post:

Great Moments in Socialized Medicine “Shockingly bad care and inhumane treatment at a hospital in the Midlands led to hundreds of unnecessary deaths and stripped countless patients of their dignity and self-respect, according to a scathing report published on Wednesday,” reports the New York Times’s Sarah Lyall from London:

The report, which examined conditions at Stafford Hospital in Staffordshire over a 50-month period between 2005 and 2009, cites example after example of horrific treatment: patients left unbathed and lying in their own urine and excrement; patients left so thirsty that they drank water from vases; patients denied medication, pain relief and food by callous and overworked staff members; patients who contracted infections due to filthy conditions; and patients sent home to die after being given the wrong diagnoses.

We certainly hope the Times’s public editor sets Lyall straight. After all, as former Enron adviser Paul Krugman points out: “In Britain, the government itself runs the hospitals and employs the doctors. We’ve all heard scare stories about how that works in practice; these stories are false.”

What Difference Does It Make?


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed Thursday that, on the night of September 11, 2012,  Obama had no interested in the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi.  Panetta informed Obama, at a regularly scheduled meeting, that an armed assault on the consulate, an act of war, had commenced just before their meeting.

Astonishingly, the Commander-in-Chief was not interested in this news.  Panetta testified that Obama had no further contact with him that evening.  Obama did not even contact him to see how things were going.  There is testimony that Hillary Clinton was similarly uninvolved.  Even for someone like me, who does not have a high opinion of Obama or Clinton, this callous incompetence is almost unbelievable.

As far as we know, the first serious involvement of Obama and Clinton in Benghazi was to concoct lies and alibis the next day, something they both do well.  Their adoring press was ready, as always, to help them with the cover-up.  A scandal that is 1000 times worse than Watergate was swept under the rug.  And Republicans, including Romney, were herded into submission.

The President knows that September 11 is a date when Osama’s Islamic warriors are especially likely to attack.  He knows that an armed attack on a diplomatic post is an act of war.  He knows that any response to the attack that involves U.S. forces crossing a country’s border requires Presidential approval.  And he could have known, if he cared, that brave Navy Seals were on the rooftop of the compound in Benghazi, fighting for their lives and begging for help.  The Seals were in radio contact with their superiors for most of the 7 hour ordeal.

But he didn’t care.  He did nothing.  He went to bed.  He went to a fundraiser in Vegas the next day.  This is stunning.  And the fact that both Obama and Hillary knew that the media would cover for them is equally stunning and disturbing.

Obama and Clinton both lied repeatedly about their actions and about the cause of the attack.  David Axelrod, the minister of propaganda, said, “when word of the attack came, the president was meeting with his top national security folks. He was talking to them well into the night. He was in touch with them during the day, as – during the next day as well. So, there is no question about the fact that he was focused on this.”

All B.S.. The President was focused on how to lie about this disaster and protect his chance for re-election.  The things that were truly important to him were how to hide the real unemployment figures, how to misrepresent the growth in the economy, how to sell the stories that Al Qaeda was dead and the Arab Spring was a good thing, how to destroy the character of the good man who was challenging his power.

Obama said Benghazi was “a bump in the road” and that voters would not pay much attention to it.  He was right.  We are still on his road, going downhill fast.

Media Groupies Out In The Open


The overwhelming media adulation for Hillary Clinton this week really brings into focus the fact that mainstream media is a branch of the Democrat party.  They don’t attempt to hide it much any more.  They are simply cheerleaders for leftists and consistent advocates of big government as the solution to all problems.

As the praise was piled higher and deeper for the phenomenal job Hillary has done as Secretary of State, I wondered what world they were living in.  Where, in the real world, are things better from Hillary’s efforts? Is the middle east better? Do we have better relationships with our enemies, or even with our allies?  One Senator at the Benghazi hearing did offer a concrete example of Her Greatness’s achievements –  The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.  Yes, indeed.

The facts  show repeated pleas for additional security in Benghazi as the danger and violence escalated.  The pleas were ignored.  On the night of 9-11, officials knew almost immediately that the attack was a planned assault and they knew there was no demonstration prior to the assault.  They crafted lies and a huge cover-up far more consequential than Watergate ever was.  With the media’s help, they successfully sold their lies.

The media act as defense attorneys for their friends and prosecuting attorneys for their enemies.  Their political allies are portrayed as smart, competent, good people; their enemies are stupid and bad.  News stories are filtered just that way.  And the facts don’t matter.

If there is economic destruction under a President’s policies, it is his fault if he is a conservative; someone else’s fault if he is a liberal.  The way economic news is reported is determined completely by who is in power.  A liberal leader with 8% unemployment, skyrocketing deficits, increasing poverty can be portrayed as a good man headed in the right direction.  A conservative with a much better record will be endlessly criticized.

Scaring the truth out of 3 terrorists by pouring water down their throat is reported as inexcusable torture if a conservative does it.  But, killing suspected terrorists with drone missiles, instead of interrogating them, is not so bad if liberals do it.  Guantanamo ceased being bad with the change of administrations.  Going to war with Libya without congressional approval was fine because a liberal did it. If you give government money to your contributor friends in business, massive amounts of money, it’s not a corruption story if you are a liberal.   If you secretly tell the Russian leader that you will be free to give him concessions after the election, it’s not selling out if you’re a Democrat, because you mean well.  And if you cheerlead the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring takeover…  well, you meant well there, too.

That’s the power of the (D).  KKK grand kleagle Senator Robert Byrd (D) was protected all his life from charges of racism.   Ted Kennedy (D) drove off a bridge and left a girlfriend to drown while he hurried home to plot a strategy for self protection. But self protection was easy – he is a Kennedy with a (D). The media worked hard and long to try to protect Bill Clinton (D) from his serial sexual predations and John Edwards (D) from his lies.  Barney Frank (D) played a major role in causing the sub-prime meltdown and he escaped unscathed.  And for black politicians (D), no level of corruption is taken seriously.  All that matters is that you support keeping black people on the Democrat Plantation.

But if your name is followed with (R), there are at least two strikes against you to begin with.  If you tap your foot in a bathroom stall, (Craig (R)), or kiss an unwilling girl (Packwood (R)) the media will cover the story intensely until you resign.  Clinton (D), can warn of Iraqs WMD’s, say “I guarantee you he will use the arsenal“, and pass the “Iraq Liberation Act” calling for regime change, but Bush (R) is a liar for agreeing. Congressmen (R) who sound the alarm about unsustainable spending and debt are called extremists and obstructionists.  This is actually true to some extent because they are trying to obstruct the path that leads to certain economic destruction, but the media faults them for exactly that effort.  And if you are a black leader (R) who has escaped the Democrat Plantation, the media will heap scorn upon you.

Obama and Hillary know that their failures will be hidden as much as their lackeys in the media can possibly hide them.  As liberals they are, by definition, good and right in the eyes of the media.  That is the narrative that they can count on.  There is incredible power and safety in the assurance of that false narrative.  This system works well for liberals, but not for our country.

A free country needs an adversarial press to question authority and hold those in power accountable for their actions.    In free societies, the press has an important role in countering the natural tendency of those in power to abuse their power.  It is more clear than ever that the mainstream media have abandoned that role and have joined forces with those in power.  They speak with one voice and have shared goals.  The media role now is to create and perpetuate myths that justify increasing the power of government.


Newsweek editor Evan Thomas was on Hardball with Chris Matthews after President Obama’s ’09 speech in Cairo.   Matthews had been having “tingles” up his leg from Obama’s greatness.   Thomas trumped the tingles by saying that Obama was “sort of a God”.   Thomas predicted that in the middle east, this new God would, “…bring all different sides together…  He’s the teacher. He is going to say, ‘now,  children, stop fighting and quarreling with each other.”

When Thomas’ childish view of middle east diplomacy was crushed by reality, did he change his view of Obama?  No.  The recent inauguration cover for Newsweek touts “The Second Coming”.  God lives!  The narrative is impervious to facts.messiah

John Dickerson, the political director of CBS News, made it clear last week that he stands ready to help Dear Leader any way he can.  He suggested to Dear Leader that he, “can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.”  Niccolo Machiavelli Dickerson will continue to do everything he can to destroy conservatives and advance the all powerful state.  You can count on it.   And he would shine Obama’s shoes, too.

The media groupies should be embarrassed by their behavior, but they do not appear to be.  They are in a bubble insulated from contrary opinions and all smugly certain that big government solutions are the only solutions.  This is not a trivial problem.  Even though we have alternative media, the Old Media are still a powerful force.  Obama would not be President without their help.  Not the first time and not this time.


Just for fun, here are a couple of clips to demonstrate the intelligence of ‘news’ reporters.  Both clips are from MSNBC, the easiest place to find fools, but sadly not the only place.  In the first clip, the reporter is discussing the Easter Island stone statues with a scientist who has studied them.  The reporter, with a straight face, asks the scientist if she thinks the statues walked to their current location, or were put there by space aliens, or could they possibly have been put there by humans who lived on the island.  I have seen CNN’s Soledad O’Brien demonstrate similar levels of self-assured ignorance.

After Chris Matthews watched Bill Clinton speak at the Democrat convention last fall, he shared with viewers some fan-boy thoughts about Clinton.  He said, “I always figured that if Bill Clinton landed on Mars, he would know how to do it with them, he would know how to reproduce, he would know everything.”   Wondering if Bill Clinton would know how to have sex with Martians is just something Chris thinks about.