Note to Harry Reid…

So Mitt Romney doesn’t pay his fair share. In fact, Harry Reid, you have secret information that he doesn’t pay income tax at all. That’s what you said. And for sure, Mitt’s a selfish guy who doesn’t care about helping others. Right?

Apologies would be welcome, but we won’t hold our breath.

Romney release much additional tax info today and the highlights are these:

*The Romneys paid almost two million in income tax this year (3 million last year)

*They paid an average of 20.20% of their income to income tax over the last 20 years.

* Last year they donated 30% of their income to charity – over 4 million dollars.

* Over 20 years, the average share of their income that went to taxes and charity was over 38% of their income.

Check out Obama and Bidens history of charitable donations. It was often way up there in the 1 to 3 percent range. They sincerely care.

Update Harry Reids response to the egg on his face: “He’s hiding something. He’s hiding something.” No surprise Harry. We wouldn’t expect any integrity from you.

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