Inverted Morality

Dinesh D’Souza recently debated Michael Shermer at Oregon State University.  The debate topic was, “Is Christianity Good for American Politics”.  D’Souza is an author, educator and, most recently, the creator of the movie, “2016: Obama’s America”.  Shermer is the founder and publisher of Skeptic Magazine.

This short clip conveys two very important points about morality and political philosophy.  Dinesh has the same ability that Milton Friedman had to clearly explain complex ideas.

Compulsion removes the virtue from human interactions.  Free choice is a pre-requisite of moral action.

Dinesh make good use of the wagon analogy.  There are people pulling the wagon in this country and there are people sitting in the wagon. Our current wagonmaster is doing 3 things that are making our situation worse. He is whipping the horses that are pulling the wagon, rather than thanking them. He is filling the wagon with many more riders. And he is relentlessly teaching the people riding in the wagon to be angry and envious rather than grateful.

We should not be surprised.  After all, generating anger and a sense of entitlement is what a community organizer does.  That is the job description.

(Thanks to reader Rick Moulton for the video link.)

One thought on “Inverted Morality

  1. Thank you for posting. If only conservatives running for office could speak that plainly. Isnt it too bad that Friedmans and D’Souza’s come along so rarely?

    We should all have the sandwich and wagon analogies in our back pockets.

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