Dreaming About Free Stuff

Here are some illegal aliens dreaming about free health care, “because health happens when we dream together”.


Does healthcare happen “when we dream together”, or is the delivery of healthcare a substantially more complicated process?

unicorn 3If wishing will give us free healthcare for all, why stop at our borders?  Why not get it for everyone in the world?  I wish that everyone in the world could have the the very best healthcare there is, for free.  Don’t you?  I wish unicorns would just fly it around everywhere.

But if it turns out that dreaming doesn’t do it, that raises a few more questions.

  • Would a culture that favors free exchange of goods and services be more likely to develop high quality medical care than a centrally controlled coercive society?
  • If a free society develops high quality medical care, is it likely to improve health care if we move toward a centrally controlled coercive system?
  • Is a person’s desire for free stuff a legitimate claim on the lives and property of others?

8 thoughts on “Dreaming About Free Stuff

  1. The Unicorn would be a good symbol for the party of utopian dreamers…..

    … not that the Jackass is all that bad.

  2. How to get health care.
    1. Go to the doctor’s office.
    2. Talk to the Doctor.
    3. Pay the Doctor bill.

    How to get food.
    1. Go to the store.
    2. Buy food.

    How to get energy.
    1. Go to the gas station.
    2. Buy gas.

    Thats how free people behave.

    • Yes. And that’s how grown-ups behave. Children expect others to provide for them. Children, plus a good share of Democrat voters.

  3. Here’s a deal. How about we treat our illegal immigrants like your native countries’ treat their illegals. I would be thrown in jail and deported if I were to try any of these shinanagans in Mexico. Mexican immigration HATES immigrants. Ask how Honduran and Guatamalens are treated by Mexican immigration. What a joke. This is so disgusting. A bunch of freeloaders.

  4. Great post, site, and unicorn. I will be using that to mock people. If it was a sticker, I would sneak across the street late at night and put it on the bumper the utopian neighbor’s Nissan Leaf. Thank god all the gun stickers on my jacked up truck made her hate me enough to stop any chit chat.

    Keep up the good work sir.

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