Excuses For Fools



The Obamacare rollout is a world-class failure.  The most expensive website in history doesn’t work and those who battle through the website to get to the cost of the policies are most often shocked to see expensive policies with very high deductibles.  So it’s time for the well-used Obama Excuse Machine to start pumping out excuses.  Consider the following stories we have heard from Democrats:



1. Our problems are caused by the fact that Republicans said our plan would not work. They said government could not manage this gigantic health care takeover in an efficient or inexpensive fashion.  That’s the real cause of our wildly expensive and inefficient plan.

2. The Republicans didn’t give us enough time or money to get this right.  Three and a half years and hundreds of millions of dollars were simply not enough.

3. People should not have wanted the policies that they are losing because of Obamacare.  They should want the much more expensive policies we offer.  Our policies are so desirable that we decided to make them mandatory.

4. It’s the insurance company’s fault that millions of people are losing their insurance coverage.  Obamacare made the old policies illegal to sell, but it’s the bad insurance companies fault that they are not allowed to sell them.

5. Capitalism is the reason people are being forced out of their old plans.  When the government intervenes in markets and limits choices, that’s capitalism.

6. The website has not really crashed.  It’s just a little slower than we would want.

7. Our new insurance market has been very popular.  We are completely unwilling to tell you how many people have bought our wonderful new plans.

8. You may have heard that our website security measures are sub-standard, but your personal data is completely secure with us.

9. Obama did not lie when he guaranteed you could keep your plan and your doctor if you wanted.

10. MSNBC reports that Obamacare is “so positive” and “tremendous” that reporters  “are having a hard time saying something nice about it or positive about it because they might be viewed as journalistically compromised”.

These are arguments aimed at people who cannot think.  The arguments are aimed at the Democrat voting base.  Democrat leaders must have a very low opinion of the intelligence of their voters.

— Published on American Thinker



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