The Battered Public Syndrome

Alfred E Bama

The battered wife syndrome is a well-known psychological malady in which an abused partner stays with her abuser, thinking things would be worse without him.  They think the separation would be more painful than the beatings and can’t really imagine life without their man.

For some victims, there finally comes a time when they have had enough and they face the reality that this man is not good for them.  He lies to them.  He hurts them.  Eventually, even his sweet talk falls on deaf ears.

Watching the news this week, I have seen clips of our President lying smoothly, comfortably, and repeatedly in his bait-and-switch sales pitch for the comically named Affordable Health Care Act.  “You like your doctor; you can keep your doctor.”  “You like your plan; you can keep your plan, period.” “You will have much better insurance for less money”.  “Your insurance costs will go down by an average of $2,500.“ “This plan will not increase our deficit by one dime.”

All lies.

The public is being battered on health care and that is becoming increasingly obvious.

Bill O’Reilly played clips of the President responding to various administration scandals.  After the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, after the Benghazi disaster, after the IRS was used as an instrument of political intimidation, after the Obamacare rollout debacle, the President assured us that he would “get to the bottom of this” and “hold people accountable”.  He comfortably played the role that was required at the time.

Then he endlessly stonewalled, held no high level officials accountable, and eventually said it was time to move past these “phony scandals”.  Scandals that he acted very concerned about had morphed into completely unimportant distractions.

His concern was an act, a lie.  He does not need an investigation to know what he did on the night of September 11, 2012.  He knows what orders he made and what orders he withheld.  He knows what he discussed with Hillary Clinton in their 10 PM conversation.  He knows why she used the video alibi immediately after the call.  Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were still fighting for their lives at the time of the alibi discussion.  And he knows perfectly well that the IRS targeting of conservative was a partisan operation. He knows White House officials were involved in the operation and the cover-up.

There comes a point where abused people just get tired of the obvious lies.  That may even be true of the mainstream media, a group deeply in love with Obama.  They easily forgive him for any abuse of conservatives.  In fact, they help him with that abuse.  But some were unhappy when it was discovered that reporter’s phone lines were being bugged by the administration.  And more recently, a NY Times reported admitted that this administration is “the most closed, control-freak administration I have ever covered.”  The abuser promised that it would be “the most open and transparent administration” ever. Some in the media are reporting honestly about the Obamacare rollout debacle.

Another group that has been fully in love with Obama is the black community.  But blacks have been disproportionately harmed by Obama’s policies.  PBS host and Obama supporter, Tavis Smiley, recently admitted the truth, saying , “The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. At some point, this group may realize that this man is not good for them.  At some point, reality may overpower the imagined significance of half-blackness.

King disappointed

I am seeing signs that a battered public is tired of the lies and tired of the economic destruction.  It is becoming clear that their man is a con-man, unworthy of their trust.  This is a very tough transition for people who thought they were in love and had high hopes for the relationship.   If a significant number of those who thought they loved him become immune to the lies, then there is hope for the future.

 —  First published at American Thinker




A Little Help For Team Obamacare


On Tuesday, President Obama issued an appeal to his permanent campaign organization, Organizing For Action, to get activists out there on the street selling Obamacare.   The video appeal urged his utopian dreamers to form the “Team Obamacare” army to tell people, “what the Affordable Care Act will mean for them.”

In the interest of helping Team Obamacare with that effort, I have compiled a list of talking points that they could use to explain the real-world effects of this law:

  • If you like your Doctor, you may not be able to keep your Doctor,
  • If you like your insurance plan, you may not be able to keep your insurance plan,
  • If you like more expensive premiums, you will be happy to know that for the vast majority of people, your premiums will go up — for most people way, way up.
  • If you like high deductibles, many of you will find that your deductibles will be so high that your policy is almost like having only catastrophic coverage.   The first 10 or 12 thousand dollars of medical expenses will come directly out of your pocket.
  • If you like losing your full time job and becoming a part-time worker, this transition is happening to many workers across the country as a result of Obamacare.  Many others are losing their jobs completely.
  • If you like consuming things for your personal benefit now, but asking your children and grandchildren to pay for it in the future, Obamacare may accomplish that better than any legislation in history.  It will be the black-hole of future debt, costing much, much more than the original projections.
  • If you like the idea of your personal medical records being on government computers where they may be accessible to government bureaucrats who may be interested in seeing them, this law makes that possible.
  • If you like the idea of having a greatly enlarged IRS enforcing a significant part of Obamacare, you will get that, too.
  • If you like a law that will be applied unequally, with special favors being granted to favored groups, this law has already shown that it can easily be used that way.  We can punish our enemies and reward our friends.
  •  If you like the idea of limiting you choices in insurance coverage, this law makes it illegal for companies to offer policies that may suit the desires of some groups of consumers.  Politicians have decided what you should want in a policy and if that makes the policies more expensive, just remember that they know what is best for you.

And now the best argument for Team Obamacare activists who understand the real game plan:

  • If you want the government to have complete and total control of health care, the coming Obamacare debacle is simply Step 1.  When this law fails, we will blame greedy insurance companies and greedy doctors for the failure and we will say the only solution is Single Payer.  Checkmate.


Letters From Ben and Barry

These recently leaked letters from Ben and Barry shed some light on our President’s secret strategy -


Ben Bernanke  -  Federal Reserve Chairman


President Barack Obama                                                                     August 6, 2013 The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                                     —  Confidential —-

Dear Mr. President,

I am ever more worried about the path we are taking in dealing with the nation’s debt and our money supply.  As we have discussed on several occasions, creating money in massive quantities, which we are doing every month, is like giving drugs to a drug addict.  We produced the drug-induced euphoria in the markets that you wanted and government expansion is being financed with the borrowed money, but a day of reckoning is coming.

The world has never seen debt at the levels we are creating it.  Nothing even comes close.  Every thinking person knows that our present course is not sustainable.  Honestly, Mr. President, if you just do the math you will see that our current unfunded liabilities cannot be paid.  You simply cannot tax our grand-children at the rate that will be required and still have a productive economy.  We are putting such a load of obligations in this wagon that future generations will not be able to pull it.

The further we go down this road, the more painful the correction is going to be.  You see what happens when I even suggest that I may slow down on my “quantitative easing”.  The markets panic.  So I can’t do that without a very serious contraction.  You and I will be blamed.

But I can’t keep printing billions of dollars endlessly without destroying the value of the dollar.  I am already having trouble finding buyers for our bonds.  And the interest rate on the debt is sure to rise as the bonds become less desirable.    That will wreak havoc on our budget as debt service takes an ever increasing share of tax revenue.  We are going to get blamed for that.

I know our goal has been to push this trouble down the road, and I am still manufacturing fake prosperity as fast as I can, but I just don’t know if I can push the coming economic chaos off into the next President’s term.  For that reason I am submitting my resignation and would like to be replaced soon.

I have the luxury of jumping ship, but you must remain.


Ben Bernanke



President Barack Obama


The Honorable Ben Bernanke                                                                 August 14, 2013
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20551                                                    — Confidential —

Dear Ben,

I am sorry to see you go and I appreciate your concern for me, but you worry too much.  We have a plan to manage the problems you describe.  You need to understand that the economic problems ahead are not the issue.  The issue is who gets blamed for them.

Don’t you see, Ben, if you control The Narrative it doesn’t matter what happens.  The Narrative is shaped by the mainstream media, popular culture and the education establishment.  They are all cheerleaders for big government.  They are firmly on my side.

Look at Obamacare.  I sold this program with bold lies.  I firmly promised people that they could keep their current plans and their current doctors.   I assured them it would all be much less expensive.  I said it would lower the deficit and help businesses.  I told them it would improve the quality of medicine.

In reality, every claim I made was the opposite of the truth.  The law is so horrendous that many of my supporters have demanded exemptions.  But look, Ben, The Narrative has not changed.  Those who shape public opinion still sell the dream and ignore the reality.  Those who oppose Obamacare are demonized.  Don’t you see the power in that?  The facts don’t matter.

The current Obamacare legislation is just Step 1, anyway.  It was designed to fail.  When it fails, the extremely messy failure will be blamed on greedy insurance companies and greedy doctors.   From this crisis we will create a clamor for Step 2 – the complete government control of health care.  I win.

So chaos is my friend.  You need to read Saul Alinsky or the Cloward-Piven plan to understand how this works.  The economic turmoil you fear does not frighten me.   Managed properly it is the perfect tool for the fundamental transformation of this country.

I will show you another example this fall when we approach the debt ceiling negotiations.  I will accomplish 3 things with relative ease:

  1. I will humiliate the Republicans in the budget showdown.  They may have a winning hand if you look at the facts about debt and spending, but the facts will not be discussed.  The story will be that extremist, jihadist Republicans want to shut down the government and hurt people.  The media will herd these Republicans around like sheep.  It’s just fun to watch.
  2. I will single out the Tea Party for special humiliation.  Their power in 2010 was a serious threat to my plans, so we have had a multi-agency attack on them since that time.  They simply must be marginalized.  Those of us in power in Washington understand the threat they represent.
  3. The coming shut-down fight must last long enough to be painful.  You and I know the economy is not doing well and blaming Bush is a weaker argument with each passing year.  If I can force something that is damaging, and blame the Tea Party, I will be in a perfect position for the critical 2014 elections.  I’ll say, “The economy would be great now if those Tea Party extremists had not wrecked everything for you.”  It’s easy if you control the Narrative.  And I do.

That’s the plan, Ben, and it should work fine.  I am sorry that you don’t have the stomach for it.  I will find a replacement for you who is comfortable borrowing more money from our grandchildren.  That level of heartlessness is required.

Thanks for all you’ve done,

President Barack Obama


I’m Aiming Straight For China

I will be in China for the next couple of weeks and may not be able to add anything to the blog during that time.  I look forward to seeing a nation that is being transformed by the spirit of free enterprise.  China has a long way to go, but it is headed in the right direction.  We should wave at the Chinese people as we pass them going the opposite direction.

They are leaving the poverty of “socialist paradise” and heading toward prosperity.

The following story caught my eye a few days ago.  It’s about Chinese entrepreneurs trying to solve an age-old problem with a new product.  I don’t think I will invest in the company, but it did make me smile…


chinese invention

Having trouble with your aim? Chinese contraption helps you ‘Pee Straight’CFPSaleswomen touting the “Pee Straight” contraption hold up signs that read: “Pee Straight: 10 Yuan for one, 100 Yuan fine for peeing in the wrong place. Why not buy a Pee Straight? Save your money for peeing straight, peeing freely! (Enjoy peeing).”

By Ed Flanagan, Producer, NBC NewsBEIJING – An entrepreneur in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has unveiled a contraption designed to help those who miss the mark at a urinal: the ‘Pee Straight.’The invention came in the wake of a new law known as the Shenzhen City Public Toilet Management Act, which allows sanitation managers and other officials to slap a $15 fine on those caught making a mess of municipal toilets while relieving themselves.

The Pee Straight is a simple contraption. A standard funnel affixed to what appears to be a 10-inch piece of tube pipe, the device comes in his and hers versions — hers has a shorter pipe — and is being marketed to those who have trouble with their aim….

via Having trouble with your aim? Chinese contraption helps you ‘Pee Straight’ – Behind The Wall.

He Had A Dream


“It’s not burn baby burn, but learn, baby, learn, so that you can earn, baby, earn.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967

Today is the 50th anniversary of the great “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr..  This should be a day of uplifting speeches about self-empowerment and personal achievement.  We should hear speakers expand on King’s dream of a colorblind society where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  We should hear speeches about the character traits that lead to success and we should hear warnings about the character defects that lead to failure.  We should be reminded to be grateful that we live in a land of opportunity, where people who work hard can achieve their dreams.

We should hear all that in todays speeches, but we won’t.  We will hear a series of false narratives which are actually designed to foster racial divisions and keep blacks on the Democrat Plantation.  King’s legacy has been hijacked by race hustlers who profit from racial divisions.

We will hear that Republican racism is what is keeping black people down.  Despite the fact that the KKK was closely associated with the Democrat Party and the fact that it was southern Democrats who fought for segregation to the bitter end, Republicans will be portrayed as racists who, in Joe Biden’s words, “want to keep y’all in chains”.  The nation’s only black Senator, a Republican,  was not invited to speak, nor were other prominent black conservatives.  The goal today will be to reinforce the walls around the Democrat Plantation.

We will hear that wealth inequality is the result of racism.  It has nothing to do with differing degrees of productive achievement, just racism.  We will be a racist country until everyone has equal amounts of everything.  We will hear that the failed ’War on Poverty’ must be renewed, and the entire emphasis will be on taking from the “haves”.  Those advocating increased confiscation of wealth will pretend they have the moral high ground.

We will hear that our racist culture puts large numbers of young black men in prison just because they are black.  It can’t be because they commit more crimes.  It must be the racist Republican’s fault. Or maybe it’s the cops fault.  It’s just not the criminal’s fault.  Ice Cube explains this narrative in his song, “Why We Thugs” .  He sings: “They give us guns and drugs, then wonder why in the f*ck we thugs”.  It’s always “they”.

We will hear that black failure in schools is the result of not enough money being spent.  Staggering amounts of money have been spent on black education.  It has been shown in places like Washington, DC. that spending more does not increase achievement.  Good charter schools do increase achievement, but our government does the bidding of the teachers unions, so charter schools are fought at every level.  Obama closed an excellent charter school in Washington, D.C..

The false narrative of the Zimmerman/Martin case will play a prominent role in today’s speeches.  The narrative, which bears almost no relationship to the known facts of the case, was designed to create racial animosity.  It continues to serve that ugly purpose.

One person who will speak today is a master at creating a problem and then posing as the problem solver.  It is a technic that seems to work well for him.  When the Cambridge police were called about a possible burglary at the home of black Professor Luis Gates, Gates objected to the officers insistence on seeing his identification and he was charged with disorderly conduct.  President Obama, who admitted he didn’t know all the facts, decided to inject himself into the case anyway.  He said the cops “acted stupidly” and implied that racism caused the problem.  This resulted in the “Beer Summit” where Obama posed as the great healer.

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011, another entirely inappropriate accusation was made.  Sarah Palin and talk radio were immediately blamed for the assault by the entire Democrat machine.  The story was everywhere that Gabrielle was shot because a climate of hate was created when Palin listed several Democrat districts that should be ‘targeted’ in the upcoming election.  Yes, it was just that absurd.  But this Democrat created nonsense gave the Pompous Pontificator in Chief a chance to speak to the nation as the moral healer who could absolve Palin and other hateful conservatives while pretending to be above petty partisanship.  The whole narrative was a creation of petty partisanship.  All of it, including the morally superior pose of his speech.

Obama and Eric Holder are both deeply involved in the ongoing effort to create racial animosity with the Zimmerman/Martin case.  Both behind the scenes and right out in the open, they are mining this case for all the racial division they can get out of it.  It’s called ‘securing the base’.  My guess is that Obama will use his speech today to pose as a racial healer.

He builds a fire.  He heroically arrives to put it out.

Walter Williams wrote a good column recently pondering the question of how great civil rights leaders like King would feel if they saw black culture today.  Would they be proud?  This seems like the right day to reproduce a good share of the column:

Most of the parents and civil rights leaders whose sacrifices and courage made today’s educational opportunities possible are no longer with us. My question is: If they could know what many of today’s black youngsters have done with the fruits of their sacrifice, would they be proud? Most schools identified as “persistently dangerous” are predominantly black schools. To have a modicum of safety, many schools are equipped with walk-through metal detectors, security cameras and conveyor belt X-ray machines that scan book bags and purses. Nationally, the black four-year high-school graduation rate is 52 percent. In some cities, such as Detroit and Philadelphia, it’s considerably lower — 20 percent and 24 percent, respectively. In Rochester, N.Y., it’s 9 percent.

What black politicians, parents, teachers and students have created is nothing less than a gross betrayal and squandering of the struggle paid in blood, sweat and tears by previous generations to make possible the educational opportunities that were denied to blacks for so long.       [snip]

Would those black Americans who fought tooth and nail against Jim Crow, segregation, lynching and racism be proud of the findings of a recent Rasmussen poll in which 31 percent of blacks think that most blacks are racists and 24 percent of blacks think that most whites are racists? Among whites, in the same Rasmussen poll, 38 percent consider most blacks racist, and 10 percent consider most whites racist.

Black people don’t need to have a conversation with white people on matters of race. One first step would be to develop a zero tolerance for criminal and disruptive school behavior, as well as a zero tolerance for criminal behavior in neighborhoods. If city authorities cannot or will not provide protection, then law-abiding black people should find a way to provide that protection themselves.


The Face Of Evil

—  First published at American Thinker  —

faces of evil
Faces of Evil – that was the headline of the Australian Herald Sun when reporting the depraved murder of  Aussie Christopher Lane.  It is instructive to carry that theme further with a few more faces.

James Edwards and his buddies murdered Chris Lane “for the fun of it”.  James Edwards shot him in the back.  It was reported that Edwards danced and laughed in the police station after his arrest.  Ending a strangers life was funny to him.

He boasted on twitter that he had “knocked out 5 woods [whites] since Zimmerman court”.  He advised others to “HATE” white people, and a few days before the murder he said he wanted to be “with my niggas when it’s time to start taken lifes”.

faces De'Marquise Elkinsfaces Karimah and Katrina Elkins
This is De’Marquise Elkins and his mother and aunt.  De’Marquise approached Sherri West in Brunswick, Georgia in March and asked for money.  When she refused, he shot her 13 month old baby between the eyes.  Elkins mother and aunt were arrested for obstructing justice when they lied to cover-up the crime.
faces Santucci killers ed
On August 12, a recent graduate from nursing school, David Santucci, was walking home from a birthday party.  According to witnesses, Dondre Johnson, Mario Patterson and Jerrica Norfleet drove up to him, shot him to death and drove away.  They were captured shortly after the murder. Some news outlets reported this as a robbery rather than a racist hate crime, but witnesses said nothing was taken from the victim; nothing but his life.
Memphis burners
In another recent Memphis story, police say that the two people pictured above doused a man with gasoline in a vacant field and set him on fire.  He was severely burned over most of his body.  A neighbor heard the screams and saw the victim’s skin falling off.  He said the devil himself would not deserve such treatment.
faces Newsom

Several years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee, Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were carjacked by the degenerate savages pictured above.  Newsom was gagged, bound, brutally raped, beaten, shot and set on fire.  Then they went to work on Channon.  She was taken into the back room of a home where she was beaten and brutally raped in every way imaginable for hours.  Bleach was poured down her throat.  Then she was placed in a garbage bag to suffocate to death.

News of this horrendous, racist hate crime was mostly covered up.  Much of the media are happy to lie in cases like Martin/Zimmerman or Duke Lacrosse, but they are not willing to tell the truth in cases like this. The typical cover-up approach was demonstrated by the Norfolk newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot,  last year when two of their reporters were beaten by a black mob of about 30 people.  They did not report the story at all until they were shamed into it two weeks after the assault.  ‘News’ organizations are political organizations that filter stories to suit their political agenda.

faces - shorty killerface keenan Adams-Kinard
“Shorty” Belton died yesterday.  He was 88.  He fought for our country in Okinawa and was wounded there.  Yesterday, Shorty was brutally beaten by two ‘unarmed children’.

I sure hope Shorty didn’t try to defend himself, because, as we all now know, it is just wrong to defend yourself when black teenagers decide to pound on you.

The alleged savages are Demetrius Glenn, 16, who is now in custody (above left), and Keenan Adams-Kinard  right).  In a similar case, Pat Mahaney was beaten by ‘unarmed’ 13 and 14 year olds.  Pat died last week.

faces Tommy Branch 2
In Washington, DC, last August, T.C. Maslin was walking home from a baseball game.  His wife and two-year-old son were at home.  Tommy Branch (left) and two other young black thugs approached Maslin.  With a two-fisted grip, Branch swung an aluminum bat into the side of Maslin’s head, shattering his skull and severing an optic nerve.  Maslin lived, but he is severely disabled.  The national media ignored this story.
faces Keyon Blackfaces Shaknee Golay
Last Monday in Pensacola, Florida, 77-year-old John Garland Redick was chased, beaten with sticks and pelted with cans by a mob of very young black teens.  Two of the barbarians are pictured above, Keyon Black and Shaknee Golay.
faces Seneca

On March 17, 2012, police found 32 year old Terry Moore lying in his own blood outside an Appleby’s Restaurant in North Carolina.  Moore said the group of predators pictured above approached him calling him a “tree honkey” and a “cracker”.  They knocked him to the ground and amused themselves punching and kicking him.

It would not be difficult at all to post pictures and tell stories of degenerate predators like this ad nauseam.  There is an explosion of black mob violence.  If you doubt that, read “White Girl Bleed A Lot” by Colin Flaherty.  Across the country, degenerate people are violently attacking strangers in ”the knockout game“ …  just for ‘fun’.  Flash mobs swarm stores to plunder and pillage.  They are eliminating the government middle-man and taking what they want directly.

Even though we don’t speak much about this violence, and even though the press works to cover it up, we all understand that we have a huge problem with a violent, racist, uncivilized underclass.  We are taught, incorrectly, that it is not appropriate to talk honestly about it.  But ignoring or denying the problem is the most foolish approach of all.  We must acknowledge it and we must talk about it.

Consider these statistics:

  • Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
  • The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.
  • Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.
  • The death toll from murder in Chicago over the last decade exceeds the death toll of our soldiers in Afghanistan since the beginning of that war.  [Handgun purchases are not allowed in Chicago.]
  • Nearly 3/4 of black children are born out of wedlock.  Generations of children are being raise without fathers.
  • Academic achievement for black students is appallingly low, despite a large amount of money being spent to provide that group with educational opportunities.

Now consider the fact that decent black people are the people who are most harmed by this violent subculture.  They are the closest to the problem and suffer the most from it. But we all suffer from this growing cancer and ignoring the problem is simply one way to commit national suicide.

This problem is not about skin color.  The real problem is bad values.  There is nothing about having melanin in your skin that will protect you from the natural consequences of destructive values.  Violent, hostile, uneducated, misogynistic men who do not care for their children will not be successful… anywhere, ever.  And no civilization can survive the degradation of it’s women.  Thug culture celebrates the degradation of women.

Think about the Vietnamese refugees or other Asian refugees who came to this country from lives of severe deprivation.  They had nothing…. nothing except good values.  With hard work, education, family values, self-discipline and perseverance, most achieved the American Dream in a short amount of time.  In one generation, they were often small business owners and valedictorians.  Fortunately for them, they had no  ’leaders’ teaching them victimhood and hopelessness.  No one told them it was someone else’s job to make their lives successful.

If we discuss this problem openly we will be called racists.  People will say we are finally “showing our true colors“.  We will be called liars.  Thug culture will be defended.  They will say we are afraid of black masculinity, as though violent bravado is praiseworthy.  There will be a large leftist effort to stop people from saying what needs to be said.

We should ignore the criticism and steadfastly pursue Martin Luther King’s dream of living in a nation where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.   This dream strikes fear in the hearts of current civil rights ‘leaders’ who abhor the idea of character judgments.  They live in the past.  For them, it is all about skin color.

In my view, no one has done more to impede the progress of black people than black ‘leaders” and other leftists in the racial grievance industry.  They sell exactly the wrong message of victimhood, telling blacks on the dependency plantation that none of their problems are their fault and nothing is their responsibility.  Could you find a better formula for creating an angry, dependent population than to tell them that all of their problems are caused by others and all of their needs are someone else’s job to fill.  From Sharpton to Obama, the message is socially destructive, though it does maintain the desired voting block.

Accepting lower standards of behavior for black people is a form of racism.  Only a racist would say that black people are not capable of joining civilized society on an equal footing.  Do blacks need lower standards because they are inferior people?  This is the soft bigotry of low expectations.  Violent, ignorant, parasitic thug culture is not a built- in defect.  It comes from bad values which are created and supported by bad social policy.  The violent subculture persists because of an absurd level of tolerance on our part.

Obamacare Lies

Obamacare was sold to the public with a series of Big Lies.  They were repeated endlessly, and for the most part, they were not challenged by the media.  Here is an excellent reminder of the bold lies:

Rational people know that government does not do things efficiently, inexpensively, or well.  No thinking person would believe that adding over 100 new government bureaucracies to the provision of health care would decrease costs or improve quality.  Just look at the economics of Medicare and Medicaid.  Universal health care is an economic black hole of major proportions.

Every once in a while a Democrat politician slips and accidentally makes an honest statement.  Here is Max Baucus, Obamacare’s lead author, telling the truth about this disastrous law.  Baucus has announced his retirement.

Some people believe that Obamacare was intended to fail.  The failure is step one in a two step plan.  Step two is to convince people that the only way out of the mess is to have all health care controlled by the government.  Game. Set. Match.



In a related story, here is the Tempo Building in Spain. I call it The Obamacare Building.  The public was told that it was going to be one of the most magnificent residential buildings in all of Europe, 47 stories tall.

Oops.  They forgot to put an elevator beyond the 20th floor.  The building, as designed, can’t work and won’t work.  The building is a monumental disaster.

The architect has resigned.  I am not sure if his name was Baucus.




UPDATE 2:  Harry Reid has now admitted that the goal of Obamacare is to destroy private insurance.  Obamacare is just step one.  Step two is to blame Republicans and insurance companies for the failure of Obamacare.  Step three, that Reid says he “absolutely” favors, is access to health care only through government.   This is not a surprise, but it is an absolutely stunning admission.




You can feel safer today knowing that a no-kill animal shelter in Wisconsin was recently raided by a group of 13 heavily armed agents of the government.  They were there to get Giggles, an illegally rescued baby deer.  A shelter worker said the agents descended on the property “like a swat team” and soon the deer was being carried off in a body bag.  Giggles is dead now and the world is somehow a better place thanks to our government helpers.

Speaking of killing things, the logging industry in the western states was mostly killed by an environmental movement in the 80′s and 90′s.  We were told that spotted owls were in decline and the only solution was to decimate the logging industry.  Lumber mills closed.  Logging towns died. But spotted owl populations declined anyway.

It was later discovered that spotted owls were actually declining for another reason.   A competitive species, the barred owl, was winning the competition for territory.  This is called natural selection and has been part of the natural world from the beginning of time.  But environmentalists like one owl more than the other, so there is a huge government effort to kill or remove approximately 3,600 barred owls.  They are going in with guns.

Perhaps, after the owl slaughter is complete, officials can start an effort to stop plate tectonics.  If we could just get the right legislation we could stop earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and all those unpleasant things caused by movement in the earth’s crust.


Can you think of any reason not to tackle big jobs like that?  Think of what we are doing to correct the earth’s climate.  Over the course of time, our planet has been much cooler and much hotter.  It has had much higher CO2 concentrations and much lower.  It has seen many ice ages with periods of warming in between.  The ocean level has been much higher and much lower, many times.

But, we like how things are right now – right now in our tiny little speck of time.  The way things are right now is the way things should always be.  Sure, 98% of the species that have ever existed are extinct.  But we need to stop that process, too,  while we are stopping any future change in climate.

The good news is that our politicians are willing to stop all the natural processes that we don’t like.  With some carefully crafted legislation, they will take control of everything… for our benefit.

Even in small matters, they are there for us.  Seattle officials recently banned the “potentially offensive” word “citizen” from all public documents.  Campus speech codes limit language to officially approved words.  Young children are being expelled from school for making a gun shape with their hand or making a gun shape with a school pastry.  Officials dictate the appropriate size of soft drinks .  Government publications tell farmers how to milk cows.  We have seen crackdowns on lemonade stands and girl scout cookie stands and happy meal toys. Food inspectors are checking children’s lunch bags to see if the contents meet USDA requirements.  Everywhere we turn, helpful government officials are managing our lives.

If you think these pretentious do-gooders are making the world a better place, here is my response:  Giggles.

Discrediting the Race Hustlers

 “We have a long history in this country of some people exploiting differences between us for their own advantage.   It’s a cynical appeal to the worst instincts in our great country.”                                                                     Al Sharpton   7-26-13

This should be the cover quote for Al’s own biography.  It fits him perfectly.

In “Trayvon And The Big Lie” I made the case that race hustlers like Sharpton have done immense damage to the country, especially to the black community.  They sell racial animosity and victimhood.  That is not a prescription for success.  It is time to cast these race-baiters aside.

It has been encouraging to see that many people have come to the same conclusion.  Important racial issues are finally being discussed honestly, not everywhere, to be sure, but it’s a start. Here is a sample of current commentary on the hustlers.

Michelle Malkin pulls no punches with “a strong, but worthy condemnation of a despicable man who lines his pockets by the misery of a community that he has misled and propagandized for years”-

I have an immense amount of respect for Walter Williams, and if you follow just one link from this post, let it be Walter’s column on Black Self-Sabotage.  It starts out like this –  ”If we put ourselves into the shoes of racists who seek to sabotage black upward mobility, we couldn’t develop a more effective agenda than that followed by civil rights organizations, black politicians, academics, liberals and the news media. Let’s look at it…. ”

Black writer Sonnie Johnson writes the following in, “Redefining Race in America” -  ”Until we recognize, understand, and destroy the progressive ideology, racism will always exist in America. As long as progressives with political power maintain their dependency groups and the cages of the inner city they have built to contain them, the failures of social engineering will continue to be blamed on the “white man’s capitalism” through the prism of race.”

From Gary DeMar’s essay on how black leaders exploit their people for political and financial gain -    “Jesse Jackson has made millions by “shakedown” tactics to extract money from corporations. Willie Ellis expressed his frustration with Jackson: “Open your
eyes: Jesse Jackson is for Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson only. He stole from
the people long enough. It’s time the people know the true man Jesse Jackson is.
He has rode on black peoples’ coattails long enough.” Harold Davis said Jackson
“is a shakedown artist, and nobody holds him accountable.”

Bill O’Reilly led his show with an honest discussion about race and the failure of black ‘leaders’ to address the real problems.  Of Sharpton and company he said, “They have failed. FAILED. to deal with problems in the black community and they make a lot of money promoting racial division… Talking Points believes the day of the race hustler has come to an end. This we and them business gets the country nowhere. There are severe problems in the black community that have to be solved… You bet, Al. Your day is done.”

Andrew McCarthy -  “The second thing to bear in mind is that race-baiting is the last resort of scoundrels whose insipid policy claims cannot survive collision with real-world conditions. The incitements that transform policy debates into an us-versus-them rumble are not about race per se. They are about advancing a hard-left agenda through the community organizer’s crude bag of tricks — the extortion that Alinskyites euphemistically call “direct action.”

Those who profit from racial divisions will fight to keep their power, but they must be discredited, for the good of the country.